10 top styling tips

  1. Plan each outfit with a “style theme” in mind, which reflects the occasion, time of day and your own style personality and image.
  2. Make sure you have a focal point in your outfit, which should land on your best asset. That can be your statement necklace, belt, shoes or a clothing item that stands out (color, pattern and style)
  3. When going for a monochrome colored outfit, add interest with texture in the fabric or a pop of color in your accessories (shoes, bag, belt, scarf, necklace or bangles).
  4. Add interest to your outfit by layering with a shawl, necklaces, vest, jacket or any outer garment. Pattern and texture add another dimension and can transform your outfit.
  5. When buying new items, visualize how they can work together to form a certain look. Mix and match different items and see how you can create multiple styles.
  6. Don’t call attention to a problem area with light or bright colors, embellishments, shiny material (satin and silk), patterns, pockets, zips and buttons, bulky textures or placing an accessory on it. Leave it simple and clean and direct the attention with above style elements to your best features.
  7. Look for balance and harmony in your outfit. You don’t want the eye to be overwhelmed with all the style factors going on and you don’t want to bore it either. Pull things together by repeating color in an accessory or clashing it with a complimentary.
  8. Don’t settle for a buy unless you are 110% sure that you love it, it works with at least 2 other items in your wardrobe and you have places to wear it to. Nothing worse than beautiful items hanging with price tags in your closet.
  9. Pay attention to your grooming. Flawless skin, groomed eyebrows, manicured nails and bouncy hair need maintenance. They tell people around you that you pay attention to details, have high self worth and expect nothing less in return.
  10. Follow the 12-point signature style rule. Count color, pattern, accessories, and unusual details in your outfit and accessories. Add to them color on your nails, makeup and in your hair. A statement piece or a loud color gets 2 points. Below 12 means you are underdressed and above 12 means you are cluttered.