5 MUST HAVE shoes for this summer!

Shoes are a great way to add character, color and flair to your outfit. Thinking comfort and style, this summer you have a wide choice to carry you from day to night!

  1. Wedges: Wedges are the best solution for adding that extra height and giving an allure to your look while staying comfortable on your feet. You can stand in them all day as they support your feet and legs, providing balance and comfort at the same time. Another plus is the heel won’t sink in the sand or get stuck in the pavements while you’re trying to enjoy your beach and garden parties!A chic alternative to the stiletto heel, you can find them in different trendy heels from wood, cork and straw and the great news is the SS11 style come in a bold, dynamic and colorful palette that is so on trend this summer.
  2. Jelly shoes:  Practical and cute, jelly sandals in flat to high heels are a sure way of adding some fun and style to your casual outfits! The jelly colors range from the chic, monochrome and subtle, which is great for you to try if you prefer a more classic look, to the bold and fruity, which will surely reflect your creative and dramatic personality!
  3. Shoe Sandals: A chic retake on the shoe booty trend, these make a great summer statement as they are cut out in all the right places to allow your toes and feet to breathe while holding on to the alluring style of the bootie. Choose the lighter and nude color palettes, as the black may look too severe for your summer outfits.
  4. Trendy flip-flops: Flip flops were traditionally bound for home wear as they were considered the most basic style of summer slippers. This season, you can wear them with style to the beach or a relaxed afternoon. Make sure to choose a more sophisticated style if you are out and about.
  5. Clogs: A controversial shoe style as most people feel uncomfortable with the idea of a wooden sole, the clog is back, with an updated twist. The combination of materials is what makes the clog more interesting this summer, so look for a mix of wood with leather, calfskin or linen and studs. And for a flattering look, opt for a heel with good proportion.