5 Tips on refreshing your style

Try a new hair color, cut and style! Changing your hairstyle is the fastest way for updating your look, but know what style you are after before going to the hairstylist. Don’t expect them to know what you want if you don’t explain it and make sure that any reference pictures you show them match your own face shape, colors, hair density and is easy to style on your own. Many great hairstyles look not so great once you wash and dry your hair back home. So, if you don’t have time to visit the salon for regular blow-dry, let your stylist know. Step out of your monochrome comfort zone and explore the amazing effects of color! Wearing the right colors next to your face will instantly give you a face-lift and raise your energy levels. Choose a color not only because it is on trend but also because it looks great on you. Try it in a top, jacket or even a scarf.

Wear your clothes in a different way! Have you ever tried mixing and matching items in your wardrobe that were not bought together as an outfit? You will be amazed at the endless possibilities you can create once you experiment with mixing styles, textures and colors through layering and pairing classical or occasional with casual wear. Be inspired by the latest looks on the runway and those on the street. Make sure that whatever outfit you put together reflects you!

Change your accessories! A simple accessory addition can turn an outfit from regular to original, be it a statement belt, necklace, shoes or bag. Wearing your accessories in a new way feels great too. If you are used to the same classical styles, explore a new one and watch the transformation.

Try new makeup! Learn how you can wear your makeup in a different way and explore new colors and products. Learning how to achieve a polished complexion or finding the perfect lip color will instantly give you that glow and confidence boost.