A girl can never have enough shoes!

Looking good is a well-studied art that reflects style, individuality and confidence from head to toe. Often you might find a perfect outfit and then realize it’s not that perfect when you take a look down. Don’t allow your shoes to be the image breaker. Consider your shoes as an extension of your outfit and style, not only a walking necessity.

Apart from comfort level, think of shape, color and weight. To start with, a great looking shoe won’t take you far if it’s not comfortable. Many of us make that mistake and trade comfort for design, thinking it’s ok if we label them as “sit down dinner shoes”. Well, the fact is that you still have to walk to get to the dinner table and extreme high uncomfortable styles or ill-fitting ones won’t allow you to carry yourself in style.

Next is the aesthetic or design part. The shape, color and weight of the shoe will determine how versatile it is. And by weight I don’t mean its actual weight, rather its visual weight. You know how you sometimes look at a shoe that looks heavy because of its thick heel or bulky design? Well, that same design element will break any attempt at a feminine or elegant look. On the other hand, don’t forget your scale. Imagine that same bulky shoe on a petite person. That goes for very light stilettos on heavy calves or a grand scale proportion build as well. Never works.

Now moving on to the style, try to build a shoe wardrobe of styles that work with your different looks. Invest in some classic styles that work with your different business looks. Make a statement, add some color and design elements to your shoes and watch how they become the main element to build your outfit around. Keep an eye on trends but don’t fall for the trap of owning every single one of them. Work on creating your own signature style and you will soon find out that you can’t get enough!