A sea of blues! Which tone is right for you?

Summer colors are bright, light, fun and relaxing. Blue is one color with many variants depending on its shade, intensity and undertone. Lighter blues are soft and easily worn as corporate shirts while the turquoise and aqua blue are more fun and playful, perfect for a statement top, dress or bright pant. Sea Blue is one color that puts most people in a relaxing mood as it reminds us of the beach, serenity and fun.

The darker the blue, the more authoritative and serious, with navy being a corporate wardrobe staple. It is safe, might be seen as conservative and authoritative. Widely used in police uniforms, it implies order and structure and is the most popular color for men in corporate wear.

Wear blues in a brighter intensity to add a fun element to your outfit through the clothes or accessories as in shoes and bags.

Blue is easily mixed with most colors; you cannot go wrong with a classic combination of blue and white, beige or grey. Mixing it with off beat colors such as yellow or orange or fuchsia will add an edgy touch. For an elegant look, mix with neutrals, nudes and peach. Try multiple shades of blue in a print for a relaxed look.

If you have warm undertones, go for aquamarine and green-blue based colors. Periwinkle blue works for both cool and warm undertones. Match your natural intensity with that of the color too, if you have deep and or clear colorings, go for the deeper and brighter blues. If your colorings are soft and blended, a bright blue will overwhelm you, so opt for the medium blues and grey blues.

Whatever mood you’re in this summer, you won’t feel blue by landing the right combination for you!