In love with Istanbul! Style inspiration

I fell in love with Istanbul- the culture, people, food and music! Here's some place to fashion inspiration from the streets.

Sneak shot of a backyard on the streets of Bebek, Istanbul. Loved the composition and colors!

Green and white worn by celebrities: An example of how I see fashion interpreted from object to design.

Couldn't help but swoon over this little candy shop! The colors and shapes are enough to get you in for a sugar fix!

The child in you: My polyvore candy mania color blocking inspired style

I love graffiti, to me it's the purest expression of art. The mix with the natural greenery, pots and stones here made it for a great shot. Another hidden alley in Istiklal area.

Graffiti: translated into fashion too. Love the mix and match of material here.

What are your style inspirations?